Nasheed quits MDP

Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, who is also the president of Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) has quit the party.

In a letter sent to MDP Chairperson Fayyaz Ismail today, Nasheed informed that he does not believe it is right for him to stay in the party at a time while everything is going so wrong in the country.

Nasheed’s departure from MDP comes after he had hinted on Monday during a press conference at rhe Parlaiment, of a possible departure from the party.

He also highlighted government efforts to hinder the registration of ‘The Democrats’, a party being formed by his supporters.

As such, Nasheed noted that he has spent his entire life fighting for the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the media, and basic human rights.

He added that all the powers of the state should be welcoming the formation of a new party, stressing that it was shameful that such things are happening during a government led by MDP.