Tourism Minister Ali Waheed

Minister Ali Waheed: Except for indoor swimming pool in Male’, Ministry has fulfilled all 100 day pledges

The Minister of Tourism, and incumbent Minister for Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Ali Waheed has said that with the exception of constructing an indoor swimming pool in Male’, the Ministry has fulfilled all 100 day pledges concerning the field of sports.

These pledges are the 100 day campaign pledges of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih assigned to the Ministry.

After distributing certificates for those that completed Sport Councilor program at Champa Hotel last night, Minister Ali Waheed spoke on the matter. He said that the only reason that the construction of the indoor swimming pool in Male’ was not completed, was due to disputes regarding the land on which the pool was supposed to be built.

He noted that resolving this dispute was not under the authority of the Ministry.

The Minister highlighted some of the pledges that have been completed and said that one of the pledges involved assigning a Sports Counselor to each local island. He also noted that the auditing of the Sports Association is now complete.

In his speech, Minister Ali Waheed advised all Sports Councilors who received certificates to stay away from political motivations.

He expressed his hope that the Councillors would work to play an integral role in unifying the people of local islands. Minister Ali Waheed also noted that it is his wish that the people of local islands unified under sports, as it had been traditionally in Maldives.