Gender Ministry seeks film producer

The Ministry of Gender has revealed that they are seeking a film producer for the Ministry.

An announcement made by the Ministry on Friday noted that under their 'Geveshi Gulhun' campaign, the Ministry aims to release a 90-minute movie. The movie will focus on the peace, stability, and progress of a family with the mutual work of a couple.

The Ministry added that the production company would be responsible for casting the film, including the lead roles. The production company will also be in charge of the film script.

While the cast should be recruited as advised by the Ministry, their staff can also be utilized for minor roles in the film.

The announcement also added that the film must be developed for an audience that is over 18 years old, in Dhivehi language with subtitles for all songs and dialogues in the film. Additional requirements for the film include a theme song and a 20-second trailer.

Those who are interested are required to submit estimated budgets by April 4th, 10:00am.