All Star football team to arrive in Maldives this year and the next

The Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed, has announced that an All Star team including the most popular football players are to arrive in Maldives the coming October 2019. The Minister has also announced that an internationally popular football club is also to visit Maldives within the next year.

The Minister made the announcement while speaking to the press after concluding his visit to Dubai for the “U13 Intercontinental” football tournament. The current Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed is also temporarily in charge of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment.  He said that the arrival of these football players to Maldives are being organized, in an effort to promote and progress Maldivian tourism.

He added that the All Star team arriving in October is set to play a match with the popular, former football players in Maldives. The Minister also said that the internationally popular football club arriving next year is set to play a match with the Maldives National Football team.

Minister Ali Waheed has said that the team arriving next year would be a well known team among Maldivians from the top five teams of either the English League, Spanish League or the Italian League.

He has said that these football matches will be unlike any match that has ever been played in Maldives. The Minister also informed that the matches will take place in collaboration with several international media.

While two football teams have been arranged to arrive in Maldives this year and the next, a team that won the world cup in 1982 against Italy had played a match against the Maldivian National Football team in 1997. German football player Hertha Berlin had also met with the 2002 Maldivian National Football team as well.