Ministry of Tourism

Minister: Three years to complete unfinished resorts

Tourism Ministry has said that has said that the if the various islands leased to develop tourist resorts are not finished within three years, the agreements with be terminated.

Speaking on VTV last night, Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom said that among the islands leased for tourism development, there are 85 islands unfinished and the ministry is very concerned about the delays in those islands.

The Tourism Minister said that a decision has been made to give those islands three years to finish development. He said that the fastest a resort development can be completed is one and a half years and if a project is not mobilized within that time period, the agreement would be terminated.

Minister Dr. Mausoom said that when resort development projects are delayed, it affects the entire economy and so it's best to do things in a way that resorts are opened quickly.

He said that when the resorts currently in development are opened, the entire economy would see its benefits.