Bank of Maldives

Technical issues disrupts BML services

A number of services being provided by the Bank of Maldives PLC (BML) were disrupted today due to technical issues.

Many have taken to social media reporting that their accounts are showing empty including loan, savings and partnership accounts.

The bank alerted their customer today that services have been temporarily suspended due to a technical issue during a crucial maintenance last night. The bank said that they are working to resolve the issue and apologised to its customers.

A source in banking told ONE Online that when such disruptions occur, accounts will show as empty as a security measure from the system. And the accounts will be restored when the services resume.

Yesterday, BML made an announcement that their internet banking, POS, ATMs and Payment Gateway services will be disrupted during an upgrade between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.

BML has now been restored their services moments before this article was published.