Ministry of Tourism

Record number of tourist visits on Saturday, will achieve goal in first week of next month

A record number of tourists have visited the Maldives.

Ministry of Tourism said that last Saturday saw the highest number of tourists visiting in a single day since the Maldives closed its borders amid the COVID-19 pandemic and reopened them on 15 July 2020.

Talking to ONE Online, Tourism Minister, Abdulla Mausoom said that a million tourists are estimated to visit the country this year and that goal will be reached early next month.

He said that they now hope to bring 1.3 million tourists this year.

The Tourism Minister said that the tourist season is coming up and the tourist beds will be filled. He said that many bookings are being made now as well.

Minister Mausoom said that the Maldivian tourism will make a full recovery at the end of next year and the Ministry aims to bring 2 million tourists next year.