Ministry of Tourism

Tourism Ministry: False bookings are not being done by guesthouses

Ministry of Tourism has said that the recent surge of false booking in the Maldives are not being made by the local guesthouses.

Responding to a question from One Online, the Senior Policy Director at the Ministry, Ibrahim Faruhad said that the false bookings are not being made by the registered guesthouses.

He said that guesthouses under the mandate of the Ministry is being regularly inspected and being informed if there is anything to be changed or corrected. And the such fixes has been very small things so far such as changing a sanitizer bottle.

The Senior Policy Director Faruhad said that it has been noted that the false bookings are being made by those operating daily room rentals. He said that Maldives Immigration and the Maldives Police Service are investigating such cases and those who are entering the country illegally are being deported.

He also requested support from the public on this matter for the safety of everyone.