COVID-19 Corona Virus

Another 52 recovers from COVID, total recoveries to 74,481

The total number of COVID-19 recoveries in the country has risen to 74,481 after another 52 people have recovered.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) said that from 6 p.m. yesterday to 6 p.m. today, 52 people recovered from COVID-19 raising the total number of recoveries in the country to 74,481 with another 2,959 people still in treatment including 13 people in hospitals according to HPA.

In the same time frame, 30 people tested positive in the Male' area along with 56from the atolls, 14 from the resorts, six from resorts under development and one person from an industrial island.

There has been 221 COVID-related deaths in the Maldives that includes 204 locals, 17 foreign nationals. Maldives reported its first COVID-19 related death on 29 April 2020.