Ministry of Tourism

91,000 tourists visited Maldives last month, highest number from India

Tourism Ministry had said that the Maldives received 91,200 tourists in April 2021.

Statistics released by the Ministry show a total of 389,770 tourists visiting the country this year so far; a 7,000 increase compared to the same period last year.

The highest number of tourists this year so far have visited from India and the second highest number of tourists visited from Russia followed by Ukraine.

Maldives received an average of 3,040 tourists per day this past April and spends an average of nine days in the country.

There are 47,475 tourist beds currently in operation.

The country closed its borders amid the height of the COVID-19 pandemic on 27 March 2020 and reopened its borders on 15 July 2020.

While a total of 555,494 tourists visited the Maldives last year, the government aims to bring in 1.5 million tourists by the end of the year 2021.