Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom

Maldives to allow entry without PCR test after completing vaccination

Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has said that they are working to allow entry to the Maldives without a negative PCR test for COVID-19 for those who has completed their vaccination.

In an interview with One Online, Dr. Mausoom said that many countries are authorizing the regulation where those who have completed the doses of any authorized COVID vaccine can enter the respective countries without an extra PCR test and this is the time for the Maldives to take the opportunity as well.

"Some countries are calling this Vaccine Tourism. When vaccine dose is completed and the waiting period, if there is any, is completed, vaccine card is given. When that card is received, traveling has been allowed without anymore tests. This is the best time for the Maldives to do this and benefit." The Tourism Minister said.

He said that many countries have had vaccine programs since December 2020 and so there are many people who meet the requirements to travel under Vaccine Tourism. And noted that many of them are those who wants a vacation even during the current situation.

Dr. Mausoom said that since the Maldives became one of the first countries to reopen their borders, there were benefits to the economy and if the country opens up for Vaccine Tourism, there would be further benefits from that as well.

The Tourism Minister said that discussions are underway with the relevant authorities to get the permits for Vaccine Tourism.

Maldives launched its COVID-19 vaccination program on 1 February 2021 with the Covishield vaccine donated by the Indian government. So far, 137,124 people have received the first dose of the vaccine.