Number of nights tourists spend in Maldives increased with the new year

In the new year, the number of nights that tourist spend in the Maldives have increased.

Statistics released by the Tourism Ministry yesterday show that from 1 January 2021, the tourists visiting the Maldives are spending an average of ten nights in the country. Last year, the average duration for tourists visiting the country were 7.8 nights.

Looking at the past three months individually, tourists were spending, on average, 9.6 days in the country in October, 8.9 days while the average was 9.1 days in December.

The latest statistics also show that 20,612 tourists have visited the Maldives in the first seven days of 2021 with the highest number of tourists from Russia.

In the first six days of the year, 5,331 tourists from Russian have visited the Maldives. The second highest tourist visits have been from India with 1,816 tourists following by 1,779 tourists from the UK.