MWSC moves away from plastic, set to package Taza in glass bottles

Managing Director of Male' Water & Sewerage Company (MWSC) Hassan Shah has revealed that the company is working to move away from plastic and is set to package their Taza water bottles in glass. He noted that this change is likely to come to fruition in the first quarter of 2021.

Speaking on a program on Raajje TV, Shah noted that the government is working to completely ban single-use plastic for any product below 500ml in the market. He added that MWSC will be supporting this initiative.

He highlighted that Taza is a brand of their subsidiary IBM, for whom they produce different sizes of water bottles except for the 5-liter bottle. The 5-liter bottle is produced by IBM according to him.

Shah said that the water bottles to be packaged in glass bottles will be branded as "RO" and that the business registration has already been completed. The first product that will be released under this brand will be the 1-liter water bottles.

He stressed that one of the biggest challenges will be managing the logistics of the entire operation. He also added that the change poses several risks of losses for the company though funds for it will be arranged through other projects.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had ratified the Bill on Ban of Single-Use Plastic last Tuesday.