Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid

Minister Shahid returns after OIC meeting

Foreigner Minister, Abdulla Shahid has returned to the Maldives after attending the 47th meeting of the Foreign Ministers’ Council of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) held at Niamey, the capital of the Republic of Niger.

At the Foreign Ministers’ Council, participants passed a resolutions to address the challenges facing the Muslim creed and discussed how the previously passed resolutions are being implemented. The meeting also saw the former Foreign Minister of Chad, Hussain Ibrahim Taha being appointed as the new Secretary General of OIC, who would take office next November.

Foreign Minister Shahid also met with the Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Mauritania, Senegal and The Gambia. He also met with the delegations from UAE, Indonesia, Uganda Mozambique and Morocco.

Minister Shahid shared the measures taken by the Maldives amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the efforts being made to rebuild the economy with the Saudi government.

Maldives joined the OIC which contains 57 countries with large Muslim populations, in 1976.