First NGO to work exclusively with migrants registers in Maldives

Mission for Migrant Workers Maldives (MMWM) has been registered in the Maldives to work explicitly for migrant workers got registered in the Maldives.

Registered on 23rd November 2020, this will be the first NGO in the Maldives working exclusively for this group of people.

Based on a 2020 United Nations report, the Maldives has the largest proportion of migrant laborers in South Asia, roughly a third of the resident population of which at least 60,000 are undocumented. The need for such an organization was evident by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which revealed the disproportionate burden of health, social and economic impact.

The MMWM aims to fill the existing gap in this sector targeting one of the most vulnerable groups through their vision to be the focal point in the Maldives to advocate for the rights, transform vulnerabilities and actualize justice for migrant workers by following a human rights-based approach.

The NGO was founded by a team of three that includes the former Medical Officer at ADK Hospital who recently completed his Masters in International Health and Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford, Dr. Minah Faiz Rashad, Dr. Adeel Shareef and Uza. Nawaila Nashid.

Dr. Minah Faiz Rashad has a keen interest in helping the vulnerable population and chose his final dissertation topic around the impact of COVID-19 on migrant workers in the Maldives and hopes to facilitate robust research to support and shape evidence-based policies and action programs.

Dr. Adeel Shareef, currently working as a medical officer at ADK Hospital, has always been passionate about the cause for migrant workers and committed to highlighting the health challenges faced by this population and ways to engage the community to tackle the issue at hand.

Uza. Nawaila Nashid has a Bachelor of Law from the University of Sussex and has experience working in the field of Commercial and Corporate Law and as a Director of ADK group of companies, an organization that employs hundreds of foreign workers, and strongly feels that it is a social responsibility to collaboratively combat issues surrounding migrant workers.

MMWM is currently in the process of electing the executive committee and will proceed with meeting all the relevant stakeholders, nationally and internationally, in order to prioritize their plan of action and work in partnership.

The NGO hopes to reduce the discrimination faced by migrant workers by raising awareness and promoting dialogue to ensure their social inclusion as well as necessities and fair living and working conditions.