Theft & Robbery

Two more arrested in connection to robbery with impersonating police intel officers

Two more people have been arrested in connection to the robbery of a guesthouse in Male’ City by impersonating an officer of Police Intelligence of the Maldives Police Service.

Police said that two local men of the ages 38 and 43 were arrested on Sunday and Monday respectively in connection to the case where three men impersonating police intelligence officers and robbed Farivaa Stay 3 on Majeedhee Magu on 11 November 2020, Wednesday.

The investigation so far has also recovered some of the stolen items according to the police but they did not specify what the stolen items were.

A 42-year-old local man was arrested on Friday morning in connection to the crime with a Court Order and was remanded by 15 days.

Police have previously said that a report has been made that three men entered a guesthouse and tied up three employees before robbing.