COVID-19 Corona Virus

Second sample from Ungoofaaru positive case tests negative, island still under monitoring

Health Operation Center (HEOC) has said that the person who tested positive for COVID-19 on a random collection at Raa Atoll Ungoofaaru on Monday, has tested negative on the second sample.

HEOC said that despite the second sample testing negative, the island of Ungoofaaru is still under a monitoring status since people have traveled to the island from the neighboring resort under development.

And so, active sample collection is under way at the island according to the HEOC and the island will remain under monitoring until the results from the surveillance samples.

HEOC announced on Sunday that 63 people had tested positive for COVID-19 from Raa Atoll Kudakura and 89 samples were collected from the island after a person exhibited symptoms of COVID.