Criminal Court

Doctor attending Anas who was killed at Litus Service Center testifies in court

The doctor who attended Mohamed Anas (R. Meedhoo), who was attacked and killed by a gang, has testified at the Criminal Court hearing today.

Anas was killed on the night of 31 July 2017 inside the Litus Service Center.

The doctor who attended when Anas was taken to ADK Hospital, testified in court today that there were 24 visible injuries and did not have a pulse when he was brought in.

And noted that the major injuries include large injury to the neck and chest towards the lungs. The doctor testified that the attack on the chest left trauma inside the lungs which can be fatal and Anas died from blood loss and lack of oxygen.

Seven people are on trial in connection to the murder of Anas with six people charged with murder with a sharp object.