Environment Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed

Environment Minister: Need international help to reduce damage to ocean

Minister of Environment, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan has said that international aid is required to address and minimize the damages to the Maldivian seas and lagoons due to climate change.

He made the statement at a Ministerial level discussion entitled “Biodiversity Beyond 2020: Building a shared future for all life on earth” organized by the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Hussain Rasheed, said that the negligent acts of humans against the natural environment has a negative effect on the countries with large natural ocean such as Maldives and noted that the nations economy and the livelihood of the people are dependent on the natural beauty and the resources of the oceans and the environment.

He said that if the necessary policies are made and immediate action is taken, the damage to the environment could be minimized.

Minister Hussain Rasheed said that scientists believe at least 30 percent of the oceans needs to be protected to ensure the safety of the ocean life. And so, he called on the nations to make the protection of 30 percent of the oceans one of the goals set for 2021-2030 by the Convention on Biological Diversity.

This meeting was set as a preparation discussion before the United Nations’ Summit on Biodiversity scheduled to be held on 30 September 2020. Environment Ministry of China organized the meeting as the Chair of the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) set for 2021.