Ooredoo Maldives

Messi and Zuvaan Masveriya features in special campaign to promote the Best Internet Experience in Maldives!

Ooredoo Maldives has unveiled a special network experience campaign featuring its Global Brand ambassador Lionel Messi and local Brand Ambassador Zuvaan Masveriya, to promote Ooredoo Maldives’ Internet Experience.

A statement issued by the telecom company said that the Ooredoo Team was accompanied by Zuvaan Masveriya to South Africa earlier this year to shoot this exciting global commercial.

Managing Director and CEO, Najib Khan, said that the company thanks both ambassadors for wonderfully representing our strong network and for the on-going collaborations that promotes the shared values and take this moment to reassure our commitment to the Maldives and its people in further building our network and providing world class services.

“In line with Ooredoo’s mission and vision, we have been continuously investing in building our network infrastructure to provide our customers with the Best Internet Experience in the Maldives. We are excited to kick off this global campaign in the Maldives with Messi and Saajin to showcase our world-class networks that enables our customers with a complete digital experience. “ CEO Najib Khan said.

Since the beginning of Ooredoo Maldives, as a company, has established a strong network across the country, enriching the lives of the people through digital. It has acted as a pioneer in introducing new technologies and services from the global telecom industry to the Maldives with the aim on connecting communities to new and exciting opportunities for development.

Earlier in August, the company celebrated fifteen years of service, throughout which time it has made continuous investments and brought notable improvements in expanding and enhancing the network across the nation. As a brand that has always set new benchmarks for the industry, the company has also recently revamped its SuperNet Fixed Broadband portfolio with bigger data allowances and much more speed increasing the package value.

The statement said that we live in a digital world today where Internet has transformed the traditional way of doing things and has become an essential part of our everyday life and the internet has connected people across the globe and has opened doors to a new world of endless opportunities that help build our communities, boost economic growth and promotes social well-being.

Ooredoo has remained as a leader in connecting the people of the Maldives to global advancements and enrich the lives of local communities.