Saudullah dismissed as GAM General Secretary following sexual misconduct allegations

Saudullah Ahmed Hassan Didi has been dismissed as the General Secretary of Guesthouse Association of Maldives (GAM) after sexual misconduct allegations against him surfaced.

He has also been dismissed as a member of the association.

A statement issued by the association noted that the decision to dismiss Saudullah was taken by the steering committee during a meeting held on Friday.

GAM President Moosa Nasih resigned last Wednesday after he claimed that the allegations against Saudullah were not being investigated properly. In a statement issued after his resignation, Nasih stated that his resignation comes after the steering committee had claimed there was no room to further investigate a workplace sexual misconduct allegation that was submitted against Saudullah on June 23rd.

Nasih added that after the issue was raised with the steering committee, it was investigated by the internal committee if GAM as well. He went on to add that he cannot accept the fact that such a serious allegation had no room to be further investigated which prompted his resignation.

ONE can confirm that a sexual misconduct case against Saudullah has been filed. Saudullah serves as the President for Fuvahmulah Constituency at the National Congress of MDP.