Dh. Kudahuvadhoo

Two premature babies have died in Kudahuvadhoo

Two children who were born premature have died in Dhaalu Atoll Kudahuvadhoo.

Confirming the deaths, the President of the Kudahuvadhoo Island Council, Ahmed Sham said that the woman was along 24 weeks when she gave birth this morning at 10 a.m.

He said that both children were in critical condition at birth and the Dhaalu Atoll Hospital at the island does not have any arrangements to hand premature births.

Addressing the rumors that there was a delay in acquiring permits to transfer the two children to Male’ City for further treatment, Council President Sham said that delays in getting an emergency flight is a common occurrence and does not believe any party was negligent in this case.

He said that the first child passed away before the seaplane arrived. And while the mother of the two children is in good health it is also her first-time giving birth.

Attempts to reach the Manager of the Dhaalu Atoll Hospital for a comment has been unsuccessful as they are not answering the phone.