Tourism Minister Ali Waheed

Tourism Minister: There are still tourists in ten resorts

Tourism Minister, Ali Waheed has said that there are tourists in the Maldives currently in ten resorts.

Speaking during a press conference today, the Minister said that works are underway to send back these tourists to their homelands through their flights. He also said that they are working to bring back Maldivians from the countries where these repatriation flights will originate from.

He also noted that all repatriation flights for Maldivians have been put on hold due to the ongoing community spread of COVID-19 in the Maldives.

He revealed that tourists from over 50 nations are waiting to be able to return to their home countries and noted that the Tourism Ministry, Tourist Police along with the Foreign Ministry have been keeping them at Dream Island Resort.

The Minister noted that there are 187 tourists in Dream Island as of now.