Emirates and Etihad to start special flights

National airline of the UAE, Emirates and the second largest airline in the country, Etihad, has decided to begin a series of special flights.

UAE have authorized a limited number of flights to Emirates starting from Monday.

The General Civil Aviation Authority of UAE said that the special flights were authorized to the two airlines to facilitate the return of the foreigners in the country to their home nations. However, transit travel remains suspended.

While the UAE has stopped all flight operations on 25 March amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Etihad issued a statement yesterday that the special flights being resumed will be traveling to seven destinations. They are; Seoul, Melbourne, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta and Amsterdam

Emirates said that the airline will have limited flights from Dubai to London, Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Belarus and Zurich.

And so, the Emirates will have four flights a week to London and three flights to the week to the other destinations. However, no passenger would be returning to UAE on any of the flights.