COVID-19 Corona Virus

Information on the COVID positive Maldivian in UAE to come in this evening

Government Spokesperson on the COVID-19 situation in the Maldives, Mohamed Mabrook Abdul Aziz has said that they will be receiving information on a Maldivian man who tested positive for COVID-19 Corona Virus in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this evening.

News reports from UAE claimed that a Maldivian was among 50 people who tested positive for Covid-19 in the UAE this Tuesday.

Answering a question regarding why the Maldives had not received any information on the situation, Mabrouq noted that they were working very closely with the Foreign Ministry.

As such, even though the UAE Health Ministry had reported of the news, an official confirmation on that can only be given after receiving a document verifying the news from the UAE government. Mabrouq assured that the document will be received tonight according to the Foreign Minister and that full details will be given out during the press conference tonight.

The UAE Health Ministry had revealed that all 50 cases were close contacts of previously positive cases and imported cases.