COVID-19 Corona Virus

Mabrook: 737 people in quarantine

Government appointed Spokesperson for the state response to the COVID-19 Corona Virus outbreak has said that there are 737 people in the quarantine facilities.

These are 33 people at Vilivaru Facility, 46 people at Fun Island, 41 people at Biyaadhoo, 114 people at Kuda Bandos, 32 pepple at Dhiggiree, 150 people at Holiday Facility, 33 people at Emboodhoo, 176 people at Royal and 96 people at the Madivaru Facility.

While 13 positive cases of Covid-`19 has been found in the Maldives, eight of them have recovered while five are still undergoing treatment.

All of them include foreign nationals.

He further added that there are 21 people in the isolation facilities after they showed symptoms of the illness. These included 18 people who are in isolation at Velidhoo as well as three people at Dharumavantha Hospital.