Ooredoo Maldives

Ooredoo denies allegations made against them regarding the Color Run

Ooredoo Maldives have denied that allegations made against them on social media regarding their annual Color Run event.

The telecommunications company is facing backlash with allegations of using the logo without giving credit and unlawful termination of the agreement with the exclusive partner after two consecutive years.

Ooredoo denied the allegations made against the company in a statement released last night stating that the Ooredoo Color Run is a concept inspired by "The Color Run™" and other similar runs across the globe in which color is used during the course of the run and by the Maldivian culture of "Kulajehun" (splashing of color) generally associated with Maldivian celebrations and similar runs are also hosted in the Maldives by other private and public bodies.

The statement said that "in 2017 while Ooredoo Maldives was exploring the ideas of hosting its own color run, a proposal was made by Unix Sporting to bring the international "The Color Run™" to Maldives. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and a decision was made by Ooredoo Maldives PLC to host its own run in the name of "Ooredoo Color Run" with Unix Sporting as an Event Manager to help plan, organize and market the event. In this regard, a non-exclusive Service Agreement was made between Ooredoo Maldives PLC and Unix Sporting for the delivery of event management services.”

Ooredoo said that the logo used by Ooredoo Color Run is registered and owned by Ooredoo Maldives.

The Ooredoo statement said that despite multiple opportunities given to Unix Sporting, Ooredoo and Unix Sporting were not able to come in to a mutual agreement in relation to the terms of service for Ooredoo Color Run 2019 required from Unix Sporting.

"This decision was made by Ooredoo Maldives PLC in the light of Ooredoo Color Run being one of the biggest public events hosted by Ooredoo Maldives PLC and taking into consideration the complaints received in the past.” the Ooredoo statement said.

The company said they want to assure the public that Ooredoo has and will remain committed to honoring its commitments and will maintain the standards of service and integrity in taking ant necessary action required to protect the public trust placed on them as a company that enriches the lives of the communities.