Ministry of Finance and Treasury

Window cleaner without safety on the seventh floor of Finance Ministry

Pictures of a window cleaner working unsafe on the seventh floor of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury has surfaced on social media.

The photos were shared on Facebook moments ago by a person named Ismail Shah, with the caption “Time 10:27! Welcome to Male’ City!”

The images show a person cleaning windows on the top floor, from the outside without any safety measures. He has one hand on the side of the window with a window cleaner bottle by his feet.

It also shows a man inside the building at the window while the cleaner, believed that the man is an expatriate worker, is cleaning from the outside.

While pictures of a man working without any safety measures at a government building has surfaced, there have been fatal incidents of unsafe working in recent history. Following these incidents, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has promised better regulations at construction sites and other buildings to prevent such events.