President concludes Dhaalu Atoll trip and returns to Male’

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has concluded his trip to Hulhudheli and Kudahuvadhoo island of Dhaalu Atoll and returned to Malé today.

The President was greeted warmly by the residents of Hulhudheli Island upon arrival to the island, and he met with the island community and spoke to the citizens. In his remarks, the President noted several important matters, such as decentralization being key to the meaningful progress sought by the island community, that utility services and other necessities are of utmost importance to all residents and that decentralization will set forth on achieving these goals through empowering local communities. The President also met with the Island Council and senior institutional representatives from the island.

President Solih next visited Kudahuvadhoo Island, where he met with the South Nilandhe Atoll Council and Councillors and senior institutional representatives from Kudahuvadhoo and held discussions on most urgent needs of their constituents and the plans for further development and progress of Kudahuvadhoo and the entire Atoll.

The President also attended the Golden Jubilee celebration ceremony of Dhaalu Atoll Hospital and made remarks at the event. In his speech, he said that the roles of Atoll hospitals are crucial in combatting the risk of non-communicable diseases and harmful habits such as smoking. Additionally, the President also highlighted the numerous challenges faced by the island of Kudahuvadhoo in terms of developmental efforts and stressed on the need for continuous development for meaningful progress of the island to accommodate for the growth in population.

Prior to concluding his visit to the Atoll, the President also inaugurated dental services in Dhaalu Atoll Hospital and toured the facility and spoke to the staff at the hospital.