President inaugurates ‘Kalhuvakaru Mosque’ relocation work

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has officially inaugurated the relocation work of ‘Kalhuvakaru Mosque’ to the former Sultan Park area.

The President inaugurated the undertaking by placing the cornerstone of the mosque in the newly designated resting place of the historical monument, at a function held this evening.

The relocation and restoration of the mosque to the Sultan Park area—a pledge of the administration—follows recommendations by the cabinet, where it can be well-monitored and portray the Maldivian historical legacy.

The mosque, now located on the plot of land north of the National Museum, will be utilised to perform prayers and also acts as a public attraction.

Kalhuvakaru Mosque is a unique monument with a rich structure, signifying ancient Maldivian Hiriga (coral stone) masonry and other handiwork. It was built in 1789 during the reign of Sultan Hassan Nooradeen Iskandhar. It stood on a coral foundation carved with intricate designs and was held up by wooden beams engraved with Arabic calligraphy.

After commencing the project, President Mohamed Solih toured the new resting place of the mosque.