Ministry of Tourism

Over one million tourists has visited the Maldives this year

The number of tourists who visited the Maldives up to 2 August 2019 have gone up to one million.

Speaking at a press conference by the Tourism Ministry today, Minister Ali Waheed said that the one millionth tourist arrived in the country on 2 August. The Tourism Minister said that they are working towards the government goal of 1.5 million by November 2019.

Statistics released by the Tourism Ministry show 132,144 tourists visited the Maldives in July; an eight percent increase from July 2018.

So far, the highest number of tourists visited from China and the second highest number of tourists came from India followed by Italy.

And 49,095 beds have been registered at the end of July and an average of 45,983 are currently being operated.

While the tourist stay in the country has increased on an average of 13 percent, they spend an average of 6.3 days in the Maldives.