Maldives wins Global Veteran’s Cup

The Maldives has won the Global Veteran’s Cup held in Malaysia.

The team from the Soccer Veteran’s Association of Maldives won the tournament after defeating Indonesia in the final match.

At the final match played yesterday, the Maldives won 2-0 with goals from Ali Shameem (Koyaru Ayya) and Abdulla Waheed (Binma Allo).

The Maldivian team at the tournament included a number of local football legends alongside Binma Allo such as Mausoom Abdul Gafoor (Maasey) and Muhuthaar Naseer (Two Kilo) who sored against India in SAFF Championship 2008.

The final match also saw the winner of the Best Coach in the past two seasons in the Maldives, Mohamed Nizam (Nizaambe) on the pitch for the Maldives.

Aside from the Championship, two Maldivian players also won individual awards. And so, the Best Player was won by Koyaru Ayya while the Player with Most Goals was won by Two Kilo with five goals.

Maldives scored a total of 14 goals in the course of the tournament without conceding any goals.

A total of nine teams competed in this year’s Global Veteran’s Cup including India, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Myanmar, South Africa and Indonesia.