Tourism Minister Ali Waheed

Tourism Minister: 45 new resorts will be opened in the coming year

Tourism Minister, Ali Waheed has said that 45 new resorts will be opened in the coming year.

Talking to the parliament committee on government responsibility, Minister Waheed said that 117 agreements have been contracted with the Tourism Ministry and are ongoing.

However, it has been noted that the work at 70 islands are halted according to Minister Waheed.

He said that ten resorts have been “parked” due to various reasons including Ashoo Island Resort, Madoogali Resort, Alidhoo Resort, Loma Resort Maldives at Maamihili, Dream Island Maldives, Ranveli Island Resort, Cinnamon Hakura Hura Maldives and Gililankan Fushi along with Velidhoo Island Resort.

Minister Waheed said that the islands are parked to clarify some details.