Ministry of Tourism

Innafushi Agreement to be terminated

Tourism Minister, Ali Waheed has said that the government has decided to terminate the agreement to develop a tourist resort at Baa Atoll Innafushi.

Speaking at a press conference by the Tourism Ministry, Minister Ali Waheed said that the decision was made against developing a resort because Baa Atoll has an environmentally protected area.

Minister Waheed said that Innafushi was leased under the regulation of proposals and so is not connected to the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC). He said that the island was leased to Systems Private Limited in 2017 and paid an acquisition cost of USD 1.4 million.

The Tourism Minister said that no one will be permitted to develop a resort in a way that would negatively affect the environment and if the previous government has made such an agreement, it will be terminated.

Yesterday, Minister Waheed decided to terminate lease agreement with Hotels and Resorts Construction (HRC) to develop a resort at Gaa Alifu Odegalla.