First Lady Fazna Ahmed

First Lady: What a circus

Following the MDP Parliamentary Group meeting at Dharubaaruge last night where the top two candidates stepped down to nominate the former President Mohamed Nasheed as the MDP candidate for the Speaker of the Parliament, the First Lady, Fazna Ahmed has taken to Facebook with a three-word post: What a circus.

The First Lady posted the remark after MDP made a haste decision while the party was divided on a candidate for Speaker of Parliament.

Aside from social media, during the meeting last night, MDP supporters, too, expressed their disapproval of the decision. And with the former President Nasheed and the current President of the Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih divided on the decision, many called for the resignation of President Solih.

At the MDP Parliamentary Group meeting last night, former President Nasheed was nominated as a candidate with the unanimous vote of all 64 members who took part in the meeting.