Have been to 100 islands, big arenas rarely used: Mahloof

Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof has said that since assuming office, he has been able to travel to about 100 islands and that bigger football arenas were seldom being used.

Speaking during a press conference held at the Ministry on Sunday, Minister Mahloof noted that the biggest challenge that the Ministry currently faces was the issue of unfinished futsal arenas which were tasked to be built in islands by the previous government.

The Minister added that from the many arenas that were completed, many of them were rushed without giving attention to the quality of construction. Minister Mahloof further revealed that some youth centers and zone stadiums in some islands also needed further repairing.

President's Office has given permission to the Ministry of Youth to take those unfinished arenas under their wing, and to complete them. The Minister expressed his hopes of carrying out the necessary works in a bid to let zone stadiums and youth centers be of good use once again.