Claims that Shimaa was burnt alive: Police


Maldives Police Service on Monday revealed that there were claims that Aminath Shimaa Nafiz, who has been reported as missing, might have been burnt alive.

Speaking during a press conference, Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdulla Fairooz noted that there were claims that the missing teenager from Laamu atoll might have been burnt alive in an island in Gaafu Alif Atoll. However, no further details regarding this was provided.

The press conference gave a statistical highlight regarding the investigation into the disappearance of Shimaa by Police. As such, 46 people have been questioned and their statement taken, an area of about 10 miles had been searched by air with the inclusion of five sperate dives. In addition to this, 1900 square kilometers had been searched by sea and 17 islands had been checked with the inclusion of nine CCTV footage probes.

ACP Fairooz revealed that so far there was no evidence which pointed to a possible kidnap and torture, but did note that there were suspicions in the story which claims she was lost at sea after a dingy had capsized.