Pres. urges to protect environment to preserve natural beauty

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday urged all Maldivians to be ones who protect the environment, in order to preserve the natural beauty of the Maldives.

Speaking during the event to initiate the water and sewerage works of Hulhumale Phase 2, the President urged everyone to think about the use of renewable energy. In addition to using environmentally friendly options such as preserving rain water.

The President highlighted that the water provided by MWSC to households is indeed the cleanest water in the entire region, and added that if people began using tap water as drinking water it would not only reduce expenses on water but also reduce the use of plastic.

During the event, the President also said that the development of water and sewerage in Hulhumale Phase 2 was in accordance to his presidential pledges, which states that such basic necessities would be provided to all islands without keeping their population as a deciding factor.

President Solih revealed that while people start settling in Phase 2 by 2020, they will all have access to clean drinking water and proper sewerage systems.