City Council sets budget of MVR 1.9mn for cat shelter

Male' City Council on Wednesday decided to set a budget of MVR 1.9 million to make a cat shelter in Masveringe Park.

The decision was unanimously made at the 100th General Meeting of the City Council. The cat shelter is to be built within the next four months, the Council said. Male' City Mayor Dr. Muiz stated that Masveringe Park will be suitable for the shelter as it is more spacious.

City Council will also conduct a trap, neuter, release (TNR) programme for the stray cats in Male' City. City Council stated that it would cost MVR 1,500 per cat for neutering, and the shelter will also provide X-Ray and blood test services. The procedures will be carried out by professionals and City Council will have two staff allocated from the Council as well as hire an additional 4 staff for the project as well.

City Council will also seek an independent contractor to build a cat shelter in Vilimale'. Mayor Dr. Muiz stated that a permanent cat shelter would be best developed in Hulhumale' Phase II.