City Council to neuter 1,000 stray cats in Male' City

Male' City Council has announced the latter is considering neutering 1,000 stray cats in Male' City.

The announcement was made at the council's 98th General Meeting held on Wednesday following a proposal submission regarding stray cat issue in Male' City.

The proposed solution includes a three-month programme to neuter 1,000 stray cats in the city. The proposal also included concerns shared by various organisations regarding the issue.

City Council will spend MVR 1.2 million to neuter the cats through trained professionals, the Council stated.

Speaking at the meeting, Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muiz noted that a setup is required for the TNR programme, including arranging transportation for the cats as well.

According to the Council, the programme will cost MVR 1.7 million including the facility set up for the TNR programme. Mayor Dr. Muiz noted that the final preparations are underway to begin building the facility.