MP Abdul Raheem: Funds owed to PPM still not paid

Interim leader of People’s National Congress (PNC) and MP for Fonadhoo constituency, Abdul Raheem Abdulla has said that funds owed to PPM by the State has still not been paid. MP Abdul Raheem is a leader of the  Progressive National Coalition that consists of PNC and Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

He said this during a press conference held today by the Progressive National Coalition.

MP Abdul Raheem had also said in a previous press conference that the State owes PPM approximately MVR 18 million. He had also said then, that not one penny has been paid from the money owed.

MP Abdul Raheem said that although the funds hadn't been handed over due to a pending case concerning PPM, there is no reason for the delay at the moment.

He added that it was informed that the Elections Commission had asked the Ministry of Finance to release the funds to PPM on the day of the Supreme Court hearing. MP Abdul Raheem further said that a letter has been submitted to the Ministry in that regard.