Ambassador of USA to Maldives meets “Occupy Sai Hotaa” movement members in a food stall

The United States Ambassador to Maldives, Alaina B. Teplitz has met with members of the “Occupy Sai Hotaa” movement in a “Sai Hotaa” or food stall.

“Occupy Sai Hotaa” is a movement that calls for the freedom and empowerment as well as equal opportunity for women to be able to use public spaces as well.

As such, while these food stalls are typically occupied only by men, the movement seeks to normalize the use and reception of services of this public space for women.

The US Ambassador met with leaders of this movement on location and had evening tea, at a local food stall.

In a tweet posted by the Ambassador, she noted that discussions were held on the “Occupy Sai Hotaa” movement.