President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

Pres. Solih: Starting from today, maternity leave to be 6 months - Paternity leave to be 1 month

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced that, starting from today, the maternity leave for employees will be set at six months while paternity leave is to be one month in duration.

President Solih made this announcement while speaking  at a special event celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 at Maafushi. He said that in addition to paid maternity leave for a woman who has given birth, male Civil Service employees will also be allocated one month of paid maternity leave.

The President added that should there be any children of Civil Service employees under six months of age,  these parents will also get paid leave starting from today on wards.

President Solih’s speech addressed the challenges faced by women today.

As such, the President noted that women face these challenges from the moment they enter the political arena or when they get married or have children. He noted that as such, that it is integral to find an environment for child care within the working environment.

He said that there have been several conversations on equality between genders, putting a stop to domestic abuse as well as ensuring availability of higher positions for women in the workplace.

President Solih said that this government seeks to achieve these goals through minimizing words and and turning instead towards action.

As such, President Solih noted that the government launching of SME Development Finance Corporation as a bank within this month will serve to aid women and further the economy.