Wearing face masks no longer mandatory in the Maldives

Following the lifting of the state of public health emergency, wearing face masks are no longer required in the Maldives.

According to the Health Protection Agency (HPA) wearing face masks are no longer mandatory following changes to Covid-19 preventive measures.

As per the new measures, masks should be worn in hospitals and areas with a sample positivity rate that is higher than 20%. They also recommend wearing masks if you have flu symptoms, are in services where crowding takes place, are in gatherings in confined indoor spaces, are in transport vehicles or while using public transport or if you are in a crowded gathering.

They further added that even though the Public Health Emergency has been revoked, Covid-19 is still a pandemic, and vulnerable people still are at risk. Measures such as testing symptomatic people as well as isolation for positive case and quarantine for direct contacts will still be continued as part of the Covid-19 response