Legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld passes away at 85

Legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has passed away at age 85.

Lagerfeld’s fashion label Chanel had made the official announcement today. A statement released by Chanel said that Lagerfeld had passed away in morning when taken to the hospital after weeks of worsening health. The fashion legend passed away Tuesday morning in an American hospital at Paris.

Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion brand. He was well known for his signature dark suits and white ponytail with sunglasses in his later years.

Lagerfeld was born in Germany in 1933. He moved to Paris in 1954 and got noticed for winning the Coat category for a yellow wool coat he designed at the inaugural Woolmark Prize. He then went on to work for Pierre Balmain.

Karl reached success in the fashion industry in the mid 1960s with the brand, with Chloé. The name Karl Lagerfeld shone globally after he began designing for fashion powerhouse, Chanel.