President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

President: Maafaru Airport expansion will begin this year

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that the Noonu Atoll Maafaru Airport expansion project will begin this year.

Meeting the people of Maafaru island today on his two-day visit to the atoll, President Solih said that the services at the Maafaru Airport needs to be developed further and expanding the airport is an important policy of his government.

He said that there have been delays in the project due to various issues in the bid process but the project bid process will be completed and the project will be mobilized this year.

A decision was made early last year to expand Maafaru Airport to accommodate Boeing 777 aircrafts but the EPA initially denied the permit for a development project. EPA approved the project after the state appealed the EPA's initial decision.

While the President has announced that the project will be starting this year, Foreign Minister, Abdulla announced in 2019 that UAE funding has been set for the project.