Protest Rally

Another protest in front of Vaadhoo Council, this time for City Hotel issue

A number of youth at Raa Atoll Vadhoo has held a protest demonstration in front of the Island Council again.

Talking to ONE Online today, a Vaadhoo local said that people gathered in front of the Council Office at around 10:30 p.m. last night with numerous signs.

They were protesting against the Council for holding a secret meeting regarding the City Hotel project without consulting the public and trying to change the contractor of the project.

Regarding the situation, the President of the Vaadhoo Island Council, Hussain Ali told ONE Online today that holding secret meetings are illegal and the Council can only hold general meetings and emergency meetings.

He said that the meeting was held on a schedule with the four Councilors present at the time and the City Hotel project was contracted to Faalan Holding Private Limited in 2016 and the work has been delayed due to COVID-19 and have asked to change the contractor.

Council President Hussain said that the contractor too has the choice to change the lease. And the council would not hide anything from the public and information on the project would released soon.

At the inauguration of the project in 2016, the Managing Director of Faalan Holding, Hassan Abdulla Saeed said that the hotel would be developed to 4-star standard with an investment of USD 8 million. The City Hotel is set to have 25 beach villas and 25 garden villas.

Late last month, the people of Vaadhoo protested in front of the Council for planning a mice hunting competition instead of a futsal tournament.