H.A. Baarah

Baarah Principal relocates for fear of further danger

The Principal at the Haa Alifu Atoll Baarah School has been relocated to another island upon his request due to fear of further danger after his motorcycle was set on fire three days ago.

The motorcycle of the island school's Principal was set on fire around 2:45 a.m. on the night of 22 November 2021. The fire set on the motorcycle inside the grounds of the Principal's residence destroyed the vehicle beyond use.

President of the Baarah Island Council, Soffath Mohamed told ONE Online today that the island's school Principal, Amjad Hussain relocated to an island in the Shaviyani Atoll yesterday.

Council President Soffath said that Amjad is a man from Noonu Atoll Velidhoo and since he took over the as the Baarah School Principal, the education at the school had improved. However, the lowly actions of a group of people has caused him to leave the island due to potential further.

He said that the culprits behind the arson are yet be found and there were no prior warning of an attack.

Maldives Police Service has said that the case is being investigated and no arrests have been made so far.

The Permanent Secretary of the Education Ministry, Ahmed Ali confirmed to ONE Online that the Baarah School Principal has been relocated and assigned to another school upon his request.

Attempts by ONE Online to get a comment from Amjad Hussain has been unsuccessful since he's not answering the phone.