Maldives Food and Drug Authority

MFDA to take action against pharmacies lacking essential medicine

Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) has said that they will be taking action under the Medicine Act and the Heath Service Act against the pharmacies where essential medications are not available.

An announcement made by the MFDA today said that the medications the Essential Medicine for Pharmacy list needs to be easily available for the public at all times. However, there have been complaints regarding pharmacies that are lacking the essential medicines at critical times.

Advising the pharmacies to provide essential medications without interruptions, the MFDA has ordered the businesses to arrange a system to keep their stock at all times. They also said that the businesses have the opportunity for their pharmacies to have prescription only medicine and over the counter medicine that are on then approved list of drugs in stock.

To analyse the availability of essential medicines, MFDA has ordered pharmacies to submit a stock report every three months.

There are 258 drugs on the approved list of Essential Medicines List updated and published by the MFDA on Monday.