Police probe violence against employee at Adaaran Club Rannalhi resort

Maldives Police Service has begun an investigation into a case where a Maldivian employee working at the Adaaran Club Rannalhi resort was threatened by a Sri Lankan employee of the resort.

Police confirmed on Sunday that they had received such a case last Thursday, and added that they are currently investigating the issue.

The employee who was threatened revealed to One Media Group on the condition of anonymity that they were working at Adaaran Club Rannaalhi about two months back. They added that even though they had been working in the hospitality industry before, they had never worked in the kitchen department. This information was also shared with the resort during the interview process.

They stated that the resort was very nice in the beginning, however differences starting coming up after he was unable to attend work after falling sick. As such they noted that they have sinus issues which became worse after working in the kitchen and the ac all the time, leading up to them not being able to attend work for about two days.

According to them, the resort started treating them differently since then. They were not offered any help in work regardless of what they were doing, and were usually sent on breaks after the closure of the staff canteen. This had affected their health negatively, and they had to seek treatment in Male following a dizzy spell.

According to the current HPA guidelines, those who arrive in resorts with a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of arrival need not to quarantine. However, some resorts do not follow this guideline.

They noted that after their consultation with a doctor in Male, they were asked to remain in quarantine for 14 days even though they had a negative PCR result. Their salary was also deducted for the duration of these 14 days.

"I work in the main kitchen. The supervisors and mangers there are mostly Sri Lankan, with the exception of a few Maldivians. They would nag quite a lot saying I don't know most things, neither was there anyone to teach me the ropes like the initial days. As a new recruit, of course we wouldn't know how to cook everything right? One of those days, the supervisor comes and says that we don't know how to cook anything yet our salaries are higher than theirs. He then proceeded to hit my ear with an onion, which caused excessive nose bleeds due to my sinus. I can still feel the pain," they narrated their experience.

They further added that after this incident, he was also threatened with a knife after being asked to do something else while he was cutting something, to which he replied he would attend to that after finishing his work. They were then threatened, saying that he was the supervisor and that they would have to do everything he says.

"I did not say anything because I feared I would lose my job. I got this job after quite some time of losing my previous job to Covid. That is why I stayed silent, but I was really scared when I was threatened with a knife. There were only people who would take his side since all the Maldivians were on leave. I called my sister and told her everything, and she asked me to file a case with police. She lodged a complaint with the police and asked me to come back, so I am now in Male'. I no longer wish to go back to the resort, neither am I sure when I can get a job again," they added.

They also added that they might have not been able to leave the resort if they had shared the details with the seniors at the resort, hence they reported it to police and left the resort as per their instruction.

One Media Group contacted the Resort Manager Mohamed Ahmed, who noted that this information was wrong. As such, he stated that the resort does not employee any Sri Lankan supervisors, and that such a thing could not happen at the resort.